You provide the perfect coffee blend; we provide the perfect beans. Green Coffee Brothers imports green coffee beans from various countries of origin. This allows us to provide you with the right beans. Want to know more?

Who are the Green Coffee Brothers?

We are two brothers; Gijs and Pieter-Paul and together we share the passion for good coffee.

Gijs (left) prefers to drink his coffee from Brazilian beans, and will help you in your search for the perfect bean and purchase it at the right prices.

Pieter-Paul (right) is a lover of Colombian coffees, and will make sure that the stock, logistics and handling of the order are handled to your liking.

Our strength

The perfect blend? You take care of that. The perfect bean? We take care of that!


No middlemen. We offer coffees from our own stock, which we import and store directly and can deliver from spot.


We are a supplier with a strong and bundled offering of coffee beans for the small to medium-sized roaster. We offer a wide selection of different varieties of coffee beans for your (single) blend.


We offer higher quality coffees grown sustainably, at market-based prices. You are not going to find the lowest price with us, but you will find a reasonable price for you and the farmer.

Personal contact

We like personal contact and short lines of communication. Whatsapp/ email or call us so we can help each other.


Capacity to store 4000 tons of coffee in-house. We offer our storage for your purchased batch of coffee, at favorable conditions.

Interested in our coffee beans?

Request a free coffee sample via our website.